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Carpenter, Edward (1844–1929)

Edward Carpenter was a British poet, essayist, philosopher, social activist, and early advocate for the social acceptance of same-sex relationships. Born in Brighton, East Sussex,…

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Orage, A. R. (1873–1934)

Born in Dacre, Yorkshire, England, Alfred Richard Orage was a British intellectual and writer and the editor of The New Age magazine. The son of…

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Woolf, Leonard (1880–1969)

Leonard Woolf was an essayist, author, political activist, and publisher. He joined the civil service in 1904 and spent seven years in Ceylon, which experience…

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Besant, Annie (1847–1933)

Born Annie Wood, Annie Besant was an English political activist and spiritualist with Irish heritage. She married British clergyman Frank Besant in 1867; they separated…

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Bernstein, Eduard (1850–1932)

Eduard Bernstein was a prominent politician in the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), which in the late nineteenth century was the largest workers’ party in…

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Fabianism is a non-revolutionary socialist movement advocating the rational, empirical study of social issues with the goal of direct government intervention. Fabianism originated with the…

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Shaw, George Bernard (1856–1950)

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright, music and drama critic, and political theorist who pioneered the play of ideas as a dramatic genre, was…

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Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Bolshevism

Communism is first and foremost the reality of long-dismantled or nearly defunct regimes in China, the (former) Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Cuba and North Korea:…