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Black Bottom

The Black Bottom dance began as an early twentieth-century African American social dance in the Southern United States. It later entered the American mainstream via…

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Nazemi, Abdollah (1937--)

Abdollah Nazemi founded the Pars National Ballet, a semiprivate dance company, in 1966. It was the first known instance of a Western-style modern dance group…

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McBurnie, Beryl (1914–2000)

Known as the Caribbean’s mother of dance, Beryl McBurnie counts amongst the leading figures of Caribbean modern dance, a movement that furthered decolonization and postcolonial…

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One Step

In the years before the entry of the United States into World War I, the One Step replaced the Two Step as the common popular…

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Dance Marathons

In a modernizing society undergoing rapidly increasing mechanization, industrialization, urbanization, commercialism, and consumerism, the dance marathons of the 1920s and 1930s reflected social developments of…

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De Maré, Rolf (1888–1964)

Rolf de Maré was a Swedish-born impresario, art collector, and philanthropist. Born into one of Sweden’s wealthiest families, he began collecting modern art at an…