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Dalit Literature

‘Dalit literature’ is a term that has come into prominence over the past four decades to refer to the literary writings of people belonging to…

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Modernism in South Asia

In South Asia, a certain haziness regarding modernism and modernity derives not only from the manner in which they can be elided with each other,…

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Bagul, Baburao (1930–2008)

A major inspiration to a younger generation of Marathi ‘Dalit’ authors, Baburao Bagul’s literary and critical writing is somewhat atypical of what subsequently became famous…

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Lankesh, P. (1935–2000)

P. Lankesh was a prominent Kannada novelist, short story writer, playwright, and essayist. A strong voice in the Kannada public sphere from the 1970s to…

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Modernism in Indian Literature

Modernism in Indian literature, like Indian modernity, resists tidy definitions. Just as experiences of modernity outside the Western world have prompted accounts of ‘alternative,’ ‘colonial,’…

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Modernism in Malayalam Literature

Although it is difficult to trace the beginnings of modernism in Malayalam literature to a single author or text, there is general agreement about its…

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Adivasi Writing

Adivasi writing is something of a contradiction in terms: the literary traditions of adivasis (an umbrella term that designates original inhabitants, indigenous peoples, and tribal…