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Social Realism

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The Grass Society [草草社]

The Grass Society, or Caocaoshe, was a formal group of ink painters founded in Shanghai in 1979. Qiu Deshu [仇德樹] (1948--) founded the group and…

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The Lingnan School

The Lingnan School was a school of modern Chinese painting, originating in and around the southern city of Guangzhou (known in the West as Canton)…

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Wee, Beng Chong (1938--)

Wee Beng Chong is a Singaporean artist known for his work in both painting and sculpture. Trained at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore,…

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Hung, Tung (1920–1987)

Hung Tung (Hong Tong) was a self-taught artist from Taiwan who rose to prominence during the 1970s. His naïve, intricate, and vibrant paintings are rich…

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Ju Ming (1938–)

Ju Ming, also known as Ju Chuantai, is one the most prominent Taiwanese sculptors to have emerged in the latter half of the twentieth century.…

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Wong, Wucius (王無邪) (1936–)

Wucius Wong (b.1936) is a Hong Kong artist famous for his integration of grids into Chinese landscape painting. Born in China, Wong moved to Hong…

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Nanyang Style

Nanyang Style was a popular term associated with the paintings of a group of émigré Chinese artists working in British Malaya (present-day Singapore and Malaysia)…

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Fifth Moon Art Group (Wu yue hua hui)

Wu yue hua hui, also referred to in English as the Fifth Moon art group, was formed in May 1957 by a group of painters…

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Modern Chinese Woodblock Prints

The history of Chinese Modern prints is intimately tied to social and political developments in 20th-century China. On May 4, 1919, a protest against the…