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KuNgoni Centre of Culture and Art

Founded in 1976 by Canadian White Father Claude Boucher, a Christian missionary, the KuNgoni Centre of Culture and Art is a non-profit organisation located in…

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La Création du Monde

A ballet inspired by a creation fable in Blaise Cendrars’s Anthologie nègre (1921), La Création du monde (The Creation of the World) was produced by…

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Kumalo, Sydney (1935–1988)

Sydney Kumalo (1935–1988) was an important early black modernist working primarily in cast metal sculpture and drawing. As an artist and educator, Kumalo’s contributions were…

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Cecil Edwin Frans Skotnes (1926–2009)

Cecil Skotnes (b. 1926, East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa; d. 2009, Cape Town, South Africa) was a print-maker, woodcarver, and educator who played a…

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Acogny, Germaine (1944--)

In a career that has spanned over forty years, Germaine Acogny has contributed to modernism in dance by merging culturally situated West African dances from…

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Boulez, Pierre (1925-2016)

French composer Pierre Boulez was one of the most influential composers of the second half of the twentieth century. His personal development mirrored the history…