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Modernism in Latin America

In Latin American intellectual history, modernism is a term that can be usefully and accurately applied to at least two distinct intellectual movements: a clearly…

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Yllanes, Alejandro Mario (1913–1960)

Alejandro Mario Yllanes was a Bolivian Aymara painter, engraver, and muralist. His art career began with an exhibition in his hometown of Oruro in 1930,…

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Sanjinés, Jorge (1936--)

Jorge Sanjinés is a Bolivian director, screenwriter, and author. A committed political filmmaker, Sanjinés’s films and essays attempt to integrate Marxist revolutionary theory and indigenous…

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Prudencio, Cergio (1955--)

Cergio Prudencio was a composer, director, researcher, and teacher. He studied Latin American Contemporary Music Courses at the Bolivian Catholic University and participated in the…

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Concrete Poetry

In general, ‘concrete poetry’ refers to a type of literary composition where the material aspects of a text (layout, typography, sound, etc.) are foregrounded and…

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Darío, Rubén (1867-1916)

Born Félix Rubén García Sarmiento in Metapa, Nicaragua in 1867, Rubén Darío is largely considered the father of ‘modernismo’ in Latin America. This poet, essayist…

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Paraskevaídis, Graciela (1940-2017)

Graciela Paraskevaídis is a composer, musicologist and educator who lies between referents of Latin American music production. Born and solidly formed in the city of…