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Renoir, Pierre-August (1841–1919)

Pierre-August Renoir was a French painter and sculptor involved in the formation of Impressionism. As a pupil of the Swiss academic painter Charles Gleyre (1806–1874),…

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Impressionism (Painting)

Impressionism is an artistic movement that flourished in France between 1860 and 1890. The term has been widely adopted around the world to describe artistic…

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Gemayel, Cesar (1898–1958)

Cesar Gemayel marked a transition in Lebanese art from the commissioned, academic portraits of his predecessors towards the portrayal of landscapes, nudes, and still lifes…

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Renoir, Jean (1894–1979)

Jean Renoir was a French director and writer responsible for over 40 films from the silent period to 1970. He was born in Paris as…

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Orientalism is the sociological, historical, cultural, and anthropological study of the Orient, with “the Orient” constituting countries East of “the Occident” (Western Europe), and including…

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Neo-Impressionism (1886–1906) comprised a group of avant-garde painters in France who explored a systematic approach to painting that revived Classical ideals while critiquing Impressionism’s prevailing…

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al-Ḥājj, Unsī (1937–2014)

Unsī al-Ḥājj (1937–2014) was a Lebanese poet largely recognized as the pioneer of Arabic prose poems (qaṣīdat al-nathr) thanks to his renowned but controversial first…