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Nayi Kavita

Nayi Kavita [New Poetry] is a movement associated with Agyeya (1911–1987) and the seven poets published in Agyeya’s 1943 collection Tar Saptak (the name refers…

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Vatsyayan, Sachchidanananda (1911–1987)

Sachchidanananda Vatsyayan (1911–1987), better known as Agyeya, was one of the key figures of Hindi modernism. Though known primarily as a poet, he wrote two…

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Modernism in Hindi Literature

The advent of modernism is Hindi literature is commonly dated to the publication in 1943 of an anthology of seven young poets, Tar Saptak (Septet).…

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Bharati, Dharamvir (1926–1997)

Dharamvir Bharati was one of the most versatile literary figures of modern Hindi Literature in independent India. Born on 25 December, 1926 in a Kayastha…

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Modernism in Indian Literature

Modernism in Indian literature, like Indian modernity, resists tidy definitions. Just as experiences of modernity outside the Western world have prompted accounts of ‘alternative,’ ‘colonial,’…

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Verma, Nirmal (1929–2005)

Nirmal Verma was among the most prominent and distinguished Hindi novelists, essayists, and short story writers of the second half of the 20th century. Though…