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Fifth Moon Art Group (Wu yue hua hui) By McIntyre, Sophie

DOI: 10.4324/9781135000356-REM1892-1
Published: 26/04/2018
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Wu yue hua hui, also referred to in English as the Fifth Moon art group, was formed in May 1957 by a group of painters who were graduates from the Art Department at the National Taiwan Normal University. Its core members included Liu Kuo-sung (Liu Guosong, 劉國松), Chuang Tse (Zhuang Zhi, 莊喆), Feng Chung-jui (Feng Zhongrui, 馮 鍾 睿), Kuo Tung-jung (Guo Dongrong, 郭東榮), Li Fang-chih (Li Fangzhi, 李芳枝), Kuo Yu-lun (Guo Yulun, 郭豫倫), Chen Jing-rong (陳景容), and Ku Fu-Sheng (Gu Fusheng, 顧福生), and they were subsequently joined by other artists including Chen Ting-shi (陳庭詩) and Han Hsiang-ning (Han Xiangning, 韓湘寧).

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